Co-Payment for One Month of Medication is $2,300

My local pharmacy offers a most accommodating service for its nearby customers. They will deliver your prescription medications, free of charge. This is, of course, very convenient. At times, it has been absolutely necessary.

On certain days, my MS symptoms have made it actually unsafe for me to drive to the pharmacy myself. Yesterday, I placed a call to my pharmacy. I requested that my prescription of Copaxone be delivered. Copaxone is the medication that I inject, on a daily basis, to manage my relapsing-remitting MS. I phoned the pharmacy in the morning, to request home delivery. I hadn’t received my delivery by late in the day.

Unexpectedly, I received a call from my pharmacy, last evening. They wanted to make sure that I was aware that my co-payment, for a one-month supply of Copaxone, would be $2,300! I have never paid such a staggering amount for a co-payment in my entire life.

Consequently, both my pharmacist and I will need to investigate the reason for this astronomical co-payment. There’s no way that I can afford to take a medication that is more than $76 per injection.

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