Capabilities versus Limitations

When you are living with chronic illness, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking about your pervasive limitations. You might have a long list of activities that you previously were fully capable of performing. It’s certainly acceptable, and completely necessary, to grieve those lost capacities.

What is maladaptive, however, is staying in an extended period of mourning. After all, it only prevents you from moving forward.

Probably one of the most difficult challenges of adjusting to chronic illness is focusing on what is left, rather than what is lost. Even if chronic illness has caused significant limitations in what you’re capable of doing, there likely remain activities that you are still able to do.

Maybe you won’t be able to perform them with the same degree of precision. Most likely, you will also need longer periods of time to complete the same tasks that you used to do very easily.

I know that it’s hard, believe me. Try to begin your day by focusing on something that you are still capable of doing. Even if it takes you the entire day to finish, it’s better than not having tried to get something accomplished.

Even if you weren’t able to accomplish what you originally set out to do, give yourself credit for at least trying.

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