Beyond Weary

Being chronically ill is hard. Actually, it’s very, very hard. Today, I feel beyond weary. I’m unable to make a staggering payment, to resolve having fallen into the infamous “donut hole” of Medicare non-coverage.

Without taking care of this $2,300 payment, I can’t afford to continue to take Copaxone. This daily injection helps give me peace of mind about living with MS, since it has proven to be effective in reducing the number of MS relapses.

In addition to all of my other pressing responsibilities, I’ll now spend time phoning Shared Solutions today. This program offers financial assistance for prescription medications needed by individuals with MS. Yes, I know that it could always be worse.

But I am tired. Indescribably tired. Not only tired due to the multiple symptoms of my chronic illnesses themselves, but absolutely exhausted due to just how much time, energy, and ongoing effort is required to keep managing them.

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