Filter of Fatigue

Pervasive fatigue is a powerful filter for our subjective experience of life events. When my fatigue is most debilitating, my struggles are multipled, and my joys are divided.

Even relatively minor inconveniences take on added significance when you feel indescribably exhausted. It’s easy to become much more easily frustrated, annoyed, and impatient.

Living with such fatigue for an hour or two would be merely inconvenient. Attempting to adjust to it for several days would be frustrating. Trying to deal with it for a period of a few weeks is discouraging.

Month after month of relentless fatigue is simply depressing. Facing year after year of non-stop fatigue is incomprehensibly difficult.

Decades of relentless fatigue challenge even the hardiest of souls to feel like they are doing anything but merely existing, as opposed to truly living.

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