Resources versus Demands

This morning, I found myself feeling very overwhelmed. It felt like the start of yet another day of having way too much to do, with too little time to possibly accomplish everything.

I thought about the considerable discrepancy between my demands, versus my resources. Since I’ve made the decision to go back to work part-time, my demands have decided increased markedly. My resources, however, have not.

Like others, I have a finite amount of energy for being able to get things done. Unlike those who are healthy, I fatigue much more rapidly. I once read a staggering fact: it takes five times more energy for someone with MS to complete any given task. No wonder I spend my entire life feeling utterly exhausted!

I started thinking about my energy in cell phone terminology: my chronic illnesses are like having an impaired battery; my ability to charge occurs much more slowly than if I were healthy, and my battery also loses charge much more rapidly.

It’s maddeningly frustrating to not have others be able to see this degree of debilitating fatigue. Since I appear much healthier than I actually am, others expect me to be able to do the things that healthy individuals are capable of doing. My resources never feel adequate for meeting my demands.

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