Even if I Were Healthy

On this rainy Monday morning, I find myself thinking about the meandering path that my life has taken. There have been so very many ups and downs over the years. Sometimes, I just need to step back, and try to look at my situation from a entirely fresh perspective.

I need to realize that, with or without my diagnoses of chronic illnesses, there would still be highs and lows. Celebrations and disappointments fill each of our lives, even if we have the best of intentions.

Even possession of excellent health is not a guarantee of reaching all of our goals. I believe that I almost always try to do my very best, despite my illness-imposed limitations.

Sometimes, I simply fall short. I think that even if I were healthy, it might not be necessarily possible to reach all of my goals. Having chronic health issues shouldn’t always be the default explanation for why a particular situation turns out the way that it does.

It’s easy to fall into this pattern of thinking. I’ve done it myself, several times. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that losses, setbacks, and disappointments happen for everyone.

Although chronic illnesses exert a monumental impact on our lives, be willing to examine non health-related explanations for why a situation turned out the way that it did.

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