Oh No, Not Again

Tonight, I’m feeling most frustrated and discouraged about my chronic illnesses. In particular, my subglottic stenosis appears to have recently worsened. I’ve started to notice that I am getting very short of breath, with only minimal exertion.

My throat clearing has also become much more frequent, as well as more extreme. In addition, my fatigue level has drastically worsened. I have been through this same exact experience, so very many times.

I have had close to twenty throat dilatation surgeries since 2006. (My last throat surgery was performed in January, 2018). I know exactly what is soon ahead of me: a most uncomfortable, in-office bronchoscopy, to determine my degree of airway narrowing, or occlusion.

This will be followed by an excruciatingly painful dilatation surgery, performed under general anesthesia. The timing for these symptoms to re-emerge is especially upsetting, since I’ve only recently begun to teach a college course again.

Obviously, I heavily rely upon my voice to be able to teach. When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

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