New Normal Keeps Shifting

When you juggle the management of multiple chronic illnesses, your life can’t possibly remain the same. You are forced to adopt to a “new normal.”

Given that chronic illnesses are not static entities, even this new normal is subject to considerable change over time. Previously well-controlled symptoms may become treatment resistant.

Symptoms that were in remission for extended periods of time may re-emerge. Also, new symptoms may develop.

Additional health concerns may manifest, whether temporarily, or longer-term. Sometimes, new symptoms are determined to be treatment-induced. Of course, our bodies and minds change over time, which also affects our chronic illnesses.

Both quantitative and qualitative changes may be observed in our symptoms. Our mental health status may be influenced by non-illness related events; this also exerts an influence on our new normal.

Our particular coping strategies may positively impact our new normal, or they may exert an adverse impact. All of these factors serve to make coping with chronic illness an extraordinarily complex, dynamic process. Please give yourself credit if you’re personally dealing with such challenges!

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