Struggling to Get Going in Morning

I genuinely struggle to get up and going in the morning. Without a doubt, I’ve never been a morning person. The effects of my chronic illnesses have made getting around in the morning even more challenging.

Fatigue is the single worst symptom with which I struggle. It consistently slows down my completion of simply getting showered, dressed, and ready to start my day. Sheer determination is what gets me through completion of these tasks. Determination plus coffee. Strong coffee.

Without having the structure imposed by working full-time, it’s very tempting to just lie back down, especially if my fatigue is particularly debilitating. Doing so, however, really only causes me to feel more anxious about all of the things that I still need to do.

Once I’m actually out the door, I still feel extremely tired, as I drive to my destination. I patiently wait for Provigil to kick in, but disappointingly remember that this stimulant has stopped being effective for me. So, I have an extra cup of coffee.

Once I arrive at my destination, I find that being busy temporarily takes my mind off of my many symptoms. Re-directing my focus, and shifting my attention, helps to minimize how much my persistent fatigue upsets me.

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