Numbness and Broken Glasses

Due to my diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS, I frequently suffer from periods of numbness. I have experienced decreased sensation in both upper and lower extremities, as well as bilaterally. Sometimes, it lasts for just a few seconds; at its most extreme, it has persisted for entire months. Of course, this is another entirely hidden symptom of my MS.

Given my numbness, I find myself dropping things several times per day. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve dropped a bottle of shampoo, while washing my hair in the shower. I’ve inadvertently cut my legs while shaving, numerous times, due to decreased sensation. I certainly couldn’t function optimally as a waitress!

Dropping things in public still makes me feel very self-conscious, too. I dropped an entire can of polyvarathane, the expensive water-based sealer that I use to seal the polymer clay jewelry that I design. The lid popped off the can, and its entire contents spilled all over the carpeting where I used to have a store. (Although it might be water-based, I can attest that it certainly doesn’t easily come out of carpeting).

I prefer the feel of glass beads to acrylic ones, but working with glass beads is just not terribly practical for someone with MS. I suppose that I have grown accustomed to often spilling things and making frequent messes, due to my frequent episodes of numbness.

I’ve also recently had to replace a shattered smartphone cover, due to having dropped my phone on a most unforgiving concrete surface. I’d much rather drink out of glass, as opposed to plastic. However, it’s just not very practical to try to do so.

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