Recovering Perfectionist

I would describe myself as a recovering perfectionist. Managing multiple chronic illnesses has done much to modify my strong perfectionistic tendencies.

I simply no longer have the time, nor the energy, to insist that things always be done absolutely perfectly. Besides, I’ve come to more deeply appreciate that doing a good job is good enough.

Perfection is highly overrated! Even if I had excellent health, I would still make this same assertion. The extra time, energy, and stress associated with insisting that tasks be completed perfectly rarely yields the dividends that we would imagine.

More often than not, our limited resources could be much better redistributed. This is especially true when we try to complete everyday tasks while also juggling the demands of chronic illness.

This is not to say that this has been an easy transition, by any means. Abandoning life long habits rarely goes down without a fight. The longer that I live with chronic illness, however, the more closely I guard my limited resources. These include time, energy, and money.

Eliminating anything that unnecessarily uses these finite resources isn’t an excellent suggestion, but absolutely essential. I’ve learned that perfectionism is actually maladaptive, after all.

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