Technology and Chronic Illness

As anyone who knows me very well will attest, I’m no fan of technology. I have often struggled with basic tasks, such as installing a new printer!

Nevertheless, I have a growing appreciation for how technology helps us deal with the demands of chronic illness. We can access automated prescription refills by placing a phone call. It’s possible to have 90-day supplies of medications delivered to our door by phoning in an order. Online payments can be made for our medical services.

We can request copies of our medical records online, for our own personal records. Searching for information about symptoms, diagnostic tests, medications, and disease prognoses is made much more efficient because of search engines.

I’m actually old enough to remember using a card catalog, at the local library, to look up information! Connecting with others who share our diagnoses is possible via online support groups.

This is especially important if you should have a relatively rare diagnosis. In addition, we can simply look up our test results online through accessing a patient portal. (In contrast, remember when you had to play phone tag with your doctor’s office, only to find out your most recent test results?).

Each of these technological conveniences saves us time in the overall management of our chronic illnesses. In fact, these very words have been entered on my smartphone, rather than by using a Royal typewriter.

All of my blogs have been posted to Facebook, as well as Twitter. Without technology, I wouldn’t be able to report that individuals in eight countries have been reading my thoughts about chronic illness.

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