Not Playing It Safe

When I recently decided to return to work, even part-time, I knew that I was taking a huge step. I didn’t question if I had the academic credentials, or work experience, to be able to competently do so. After having previously worked for an extensive period of time, I had developed a certain degree of confidence in my knowledge base and skill set.

The unknown factor, of course, is my health status. Showing up at a job, of course, requires reliability, stability, and dependability. All of these qualities are powerfully impacted by having a chronic illness.

Being diagnosed with a notoriously unpredictable disease, such as MS, makes it exceedingly unlikely that I can actually pull this off! So, you ask, why have I placed myself in such a situation?

After all, I’m certainly not playing it safe, by any means. Beyond receiving the necessary additional income, why in the world am I choosing to put myself through this?

Because I want just a tiny slice of what I know I’ve already so very deeply lost: the satisfaction and reward associated with using my advanced education, the camaraderie of developing relationships with colleagues once again, and the structure imposed by working outside of the home.

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