Pacing Your Activities

When you’re living with chronic illness, it’s very important to pace your activities. It’s certain, of course, that you won’t be capable of accomplishing as much as you could if you were healthier. However, it’s still possible to accomplish modest goals.

Scheduling rest periods is critically important to success. Don’t think of needing to take a break as giving in to your illness, or as an reflection of inadequate motivation.

Reframe needing to rest as a chance to recharge batteries that deplete much faster than most. Personally, I’ve had to learn the importance of pacing my activities the hard way!

Previously, I would push myself, regardless of how truly exhausted I felt. I refused to let my chronic illnesses steamroll my life, I stubbornly asserted. A familiar pattern ensued: my symptoms would invariably worsen. Ironically enough, my intensified symptoms necessitated even longer periods of rest.

In actuality, I desperately needed to learn how to get out of my own way. My strong work ethic absolutely had to be modified in the context of chronic illness. I’m happy to report that I’ve actually been able to accomplish more, by learning to pace my activities.

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