Fighting for My Own Money

Deciding to apply for social security disability benefits was not easy, for multiple reasons. Once I finally made the decision to do so, my challenges only increased.

My perception during this process was that applicants are presumed to possess relatively intact health statuses. Therefore, they must prove otherwise. Even when they don’t feel well enough to do all the work that is required to do so.

Consequently, it is assumed that there is the opportunity for applicants to continue working, in whatever possible capacity. Extensive documentation must be submitted, to support your claim of not being able to continue to work.

Most maddening is the perception that you are somehow being granted a tremendous favor, should you prove successful in obtaining disability benefits. You must work very hard, the majority of the time, to secure obtaining your very own money! Think about that.

From the very first paycheck that we ever receive, social security taxes are automatically deducted. Why, therefore, if you find yourself unable to work are you treated as though the government is doing you a tremendous favor if you should find that you need such assistance?

Personally, I paid into this system for many years. I hoped that I would never need to apply for disability benefits. I didn’t appreciate having to fight for my own money.

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