Unexplained Rib Pain

In 2014, I began to experience terrible pain in my ribs. This past lasted 24 hours per day, for a period of two solid months. It was more prominent on the left side of my body. Sitting proved especially uncomfortable with this persistent rib pain. I frequently shifted my position in an attempt to experience relief, even if only temporarily.

After two months of experiencing this symptom on a daily basis, I began to grow increasingly concerned. I was in desperate need of finding some sort of relief.

I was very reluctant to ask any of my providers for a prescription for pain medication, for several reasons. I wanted to determine the actual cause of my distress, rather than to merely mask my symptoms. I wasn’t enthusiastic about adding yet another prescription to my daily arsenal of medications, especially not one with a high potential for addiction.

I knew that I had been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, back in 11th grade. (The school nurse astutely noticed a mild curvature in my spine, during a routine physical examination). I couldn’t help but wonder if my scoliosis had progressed over the years.

I also knew that MS is notorious for producing the “MS hug.” The MS hug occurs when you feel as though you have a tight band around your chest or ribs. Alternatively, it may be experienced as a sensation of pressure on one side of your torso. The MS hug may make it uncomfortable to breathe, too.

Consequently, I scheduled an appointment with a local chiropractor. I had previously had good results with receiving spinal adjustments in the past. Receiving a series of adjustments, three in total, totally eradicated my rib pain.

Just some thoughts about how a non-medication approach may prove effective in alleviating persistent symptoms, without the risks associated with medication side effects and/or prescription interactions.

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