Awakening in Middle of Night

I’m writing this blog during the middle of the night, since I abruptly woke up. I’ve suffered from disturbed sleep, off and on, for many years in my life. Sometimes, it coincides with feeling more depressed during my waking hours.

Although I typically don’t have a problem with falling asleep, I often suffer from sleep-termination insomnia. I find it difficult to remain asleep. I realize that using an electronic device (such as the smartphone I’m currently typing these very words on) is the worst possible response to waking up prematurely. It only perpetuates my brain thinking that it’s time to be alert, focused, and wide awake.

Still, why waste a chance to write when you have a quiet environment, a flow of ideas, and some extra time on your hands? I have been prescribed sleep medication, but I sometimes simply fall asleep before removing to take it! Sleeping in an overly warm room also contributes to poor sleep.

I am in full-blown perimenopause, with profuse hot flashes continuing to severely disrupt my life. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t been experiencing night sweats. I’m more than alright if I never know what exactly they feel like.

I’ve actually learned to deeply cherish these quiet periods of wakefulness; they are a respite from having hectic days, filled with non-stop things to do, places to go, and people to see. My mind, as well as my body, are ironically waking me up in the middle of the night, in an effort to obtain restoration in both.

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