Writing About Writing

Nearly two weeks ago, I signed up to write a blog, via WordPress. I had been thinking about writing a book for the longest time. Honestly, I didn’t really know where to begin with accomplishing this goal. It certainly wasn’t that I lacked material!

A fellow vendor, where I market my jewelry, accessories, and artwork, suggested that I begin by writing a blog. He shared that if I did this consistently, it would only be a matter of time before I’d eventually have enough material compiled for a book.

I am deeply grateful for his suggestion. Yes, I had certainly considered the idea of writing a blog before this specific conversation. However, I really never thought about having a series of blogs eventually transform into a book. (I know that much re-writing, as well as reorganization, of my blogs will be required before an actual book will be published).

Thankfully, I have not stopped writing since I first started! It’s been amazing to me that I continue to keep thinking about new topics to discuss. Also, I’m very thankful that I can remember specific experiences that have occurred, even if they took place decades ago.

Writing this blog has been cathartic, as well as painful at times. It’s forced me to revisit some very upsetting events. Writing about my experiences is an objective way of finding meaning in madness, so to speak.

I never expected to develop a chronic illness, let alone several of them. I sincerely hope that others will find validation of their own struggles as I share my experiences, many of which have been very uncomfortable to disclose. I want to convey that, indeed, there is life after diagnosis.

It may not be the same life that you originally envisioned having, but that’s alright. It just might end up being better than anything that you could ever have considered.

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