Showing Up Late

I’ve always prided myself on being punctual. I feel like it’s very disrespectful to others to show up late for any given event. However, chronic illness makes it much more difficult to consistently adhere to this philosophy.

Persistent symptoms of fatigue tremendously interfere with my capacity, not my willingness, to get things done. This includes what appears on the surface to be a simply task: getting ready to go to any given activity.

Factor in the possibility of experiencing additional, unexpected symptoms, and I’m amazed that I even manage to get out the door most days. For some situations, it’s acceptable to arrive fashionably late. For others, it’s simply not an option.

Now that I am going back to work, even part-time, I am even more aware of the importance of showing up on time. I can’t have a classroom of students waiting for me to arrive.

Whenever possible, I try to factor in additional time for arriving at a destination on time. This reduces my overall stress level, and prevents stress-induced symptom worsening.

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