Before and After the Event

For those living with chronic illness, it is very challenging to attend special events, such as graduations, weddings, parties, or holiday gatherings. Typically, such types of occasions are quite long in duration.

Consequently, they are especially difficult for those who struggle with ongoing fatigue. Individuals with chronic illness may need to interact with others who are not that familiar with their particular limitations.

Again, health is typically assumed when one looks well . Such events are not the appropriate forum for discussing personal health issues with total strangers.

Understandably, even friends and relatives are not always so interested in hearing intimate details about one’s health struggles. Special efforts may go into getting ready for such types of events, too.

As a result, hidden impairments may be even further masked. Someone with chronic illness typically feels worn out before even arriving at such an event! As I know all too well, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to pretend that you feel relatively alright, even when you really don’t.

Most individuals with chronic illness will state that their symptoms are intensified when they surpass their disease-induced limitations. Consequently, symptoms are generally increased after making the decision to attend special events. They may, quite literally, spend the next day (or couple of days) resting and recuperating.

Everyone wants to participate actively in important events. Those who live with chronic illness are no exception, of course. However, they usually pay a significant price for showing up at such special events.

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