Returning to Work

Be careful what you ask for, right? After an extended period of unemployment, secondary to receiving disability benefits, I seriously considered going back to work.

I wanted to do so for several different reasons. I missed feeling like I was actively using the advanced degree for which I had studied for so very long.

More practically, I really needed to supplement my meager monthly disability income. So, I started the rigorous job application process, once more in my life. I applied for adjunct teaching positions, recognizing that a full-time teaching position was not an option, for many reasons.

My chronic illnesses did not permit the stamina required to assume a full-time position. In addition, I would not be permitted to receive disability benefits if I resumed working full-time.

I submitted multiple applications for adjunct teaching positions. Several months elapsed, with no feedback about my applications. This past June, I was invited to interview for an adjunct teaching position.

I was offered the job the very same day that I interviewed! Today happens to be the very first day that I will be teaching this class, in fact.

Multiple concerns are currently cycling through my mind, with respect to how my chronic health problems will affect my ability to consistently perform my responsibilities. Be careful what you ask for, right?

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