One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Oh, the utter frustration of attempting to manage brutal peri-menopausal symptoms in the context of chronic illness! Profuse hot flashes led me to having a conversation with my physician, about starting hormone replacement therapy.

A few weeks after taking such medication, blessed relief ensued. Not only was I feeling much more comfortable, I was substantially safer. (Previous hot flashes induced a complete lack of feeling in my legs, since my MS is terribly heat-sensitive; consequently, I fell twice, in less than ten days).

Eight weeks into taking hormone replacement therapy, I began to have substantial breakthrough bleeding. At age 54, I don’t want to have one period per month, let alone two! In addition, my profuse hot flashes made an unexpected reappearance. Ugh! This is just to much to deal with, for any woman. For a woman with MS, it’s utterly miserable.

Back to square one. I’ll phone my doctor to see what my treatment options might be at this point.

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