Disclosing Your Diagnosis

Deciding whether or not to disclose your chronic illness diagnosis is a complex decision. Those with undetectable conditions possess the distinct advantage of not having to reveal their diagnoses, should they decide not to do so.

I have vacillated back and forth about the pros and cons of disclosing my health problems. I’ve also questioned the most appropriate timetable for doing so. Once you’ve outed yourself, after all, there’s no turning back.

Of course, it’s not appropriate to diclose your chronic illness to anyone and everyone with whom you happen to come in contact. Not everyone needs to be aware of your specific medical history and challenges.

If I will be working closely alongside soneone, on an extended project, I definitely feel that it’s in my best interest to inform them of my health challenges. I do so, however, after I have developed a somewhat close relationship with them.

I disclose my health challenges after I have had the chance to gauge how such information may possibly be received. I certainly don’t disclose my diagnoses to elicit pity. Sometimes, it is very helpful if someone happens to know that you have a certain illness.

If others are aware of symptoms that you might possibly develop over time, they are definitely in a better position to seek appropriate medical assistance for you.

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