Abnormal Pap Smear

The day before Thanksgiving, 2008 was very stressful. I was very busy shopping for of all the last-minute things that I’d need for Thanksgiving dinner.

As I pulled out of the crowded parking lot, I was thinking about the pies (both pumpkin and pecan) that I would be baking later that evening. I drove home, the traffic much busier than usual.

Before going into the house, I decided to check my mailbox. There were credit card statements, as well as a couple of utility bills. Nothing out of the ordinary, after all.

What caught my eye, however, was a registered letter, from my gynecologist’s office. Just a couple of days ago, I had seen her for my annual exam, plus pap smear. I anxiously opened the letter. My heart sank as I read, for the very first time in my life, that my pap smear results were abnormal.

I had cervical dysplasia, abnormal cells with an extremely high risk of converting to cancer. Of course, I knew that this was potentially very serious.

At that time, I was still working full-time, in a very demanding job, despite having several chronic illnesses. Now this.

I can’t say that Thanksgiving was terribly relaxing that year. I kept counting the hours until the holiday was simply over, knowing that I’d be able to phone my gynecologist’s office early Friday morning. My pies were a hit, nevertheless. I’ve always enjoyed baking. It’s relaxing, as well as creative, for me.

Friday morning finally arrived. I phoned my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment to discuss my treatment options, including surgery.

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