All of Your Medical Care is Free, Right?

Some people have mistakenly assumed that all of my medical expenses are somehow now completely free of charge, since I have been awarded full social security disability benefits. This is simply not true.

I still need to pay regular monthly premiums for Medicare. I have ongoing co-payments for the 15 daily medications that I need to take. There are certain medications that Medicare refuses to pay for, so I need to pay for them out of pocket.

Also, I have accrued thousands of dollars of medical debt, for diagnostic tests, routine follow-up appointments, new consultations, and multiple surgeries. I’m in the process of paying off this debt in modest, monthly installments.

At this rate, I will have totally finished paying off this debt when I’m age 83! Just felt the need to share these facts, to provide education about the financial aspects associated with being on full-time disability.

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