Just for Today

Just for today, I permit myself to realize that I am adequate. I am enough. Just as I am, in fact. Even if my current position in society runs counter to what is more socially acceptable.

It’s not shameful to not be employed full-time, even at the very age when most healthy individuals are continuing to work full-time. It’s not a reflection of inadequacy, in point of fact, to acknowledge that my first priority has evolved into taking the best possible care of myself.

This is self-preservation, as opposed to selfishness. Ask anyone who has a chronic illness just how very demanding it is to address carefully attending to every aspect of it.

Personally, I have multiple chronic conditions to manage. Even if there are no external markers that attest to the severity of my chronic illnesses, I will allow myself to realize that they are valid, legitimate reasons for how I am currently living my daily life.

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