Disability Denied

“Your initial application for disability benefits has been denied.” Absolutely no ambiguity there. After all that grueling work, it was back to square one.

Not one to give up, I immediately made the decision to file an appeal. I also decided to retain an attorney, to enhance my chances of success. I decided to retain Binder and Binder.

I tried to remain encouraged. It was anything but easy to do so. I continued to deeply miss the very deep sense of satisfaction and reward that my former career provided.

Furthermore, my financial situation was growing more and more dire, no longer receiving a regular paycheck. I began to market my artwork, as well as the jewelry that I had recently begun to design. This gave me a much-needed opportunity to get out of the house, and to meet people.

Financially, however, these endeavors yielded precious little profit. So, once more, I waited. Continued to wait, and waited even longer. At long lost, I received a date for my disability hearing, in August 2016. Perhaps there really was an end in sight, after all.

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