We Found Something Suspicious on Your Scan

Recently, I had a routine mammogram. Like I’ve said before, it’s so important to not neglect routine medical screenings. So, I made my appointment at the local hospital. I underwent the somewhat uncomfortable procedure, happy that I had checked off yet another task on my seemingly endless to-do list.

So, relieved that the test was over, I simply prepared to get dressed, and be on my way for another very busy day ahead. However, the medical technician popped her head in the room, sharing that an abnormality had been found on my scan.

She shared that further diagnostic testing, including an ultrasound, would be required. I tried to not panic, as I asked how soon auch testing might be possible to schedule. She said, the radiologist wants you to complete the testing right now. We found a cyst.

Feeling a little shaken, I agreed to complete the ultrasound right away. I gathered my belongings as well as my remaining courage. I stepped up on the examination table, feeling apprehensive.

How can I possibly deal with one more health issue I’m thinking. Maybe I have cancer, on top of anything else. I tried to just relax, as the technician completed my diagnostic test. I asked how long it might take to find out my results.

She said that the radiologist would read my ultrasound immediately. I waited, and waited, and waited in that darkened examination room, hoping for the very best. I reminded myself that my mother had cancer, in 2013. Thankfully, it was caught at an early stage.

Finally, the technician came back into the room. I felt an overwhelming flood of relief when she informed me that my results were normal. I simply had a benign, fluid-filled cyst. All that was required was to monitor this abnormality. I felt extremely blessed, yet again.

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