Do You Mind Waiting

Like many other patients with chronic illness, I’ve had to wait for extended periods of time to see my medical providers. This is true when I see my primary care physician, as well as any number of specialists. Doing so isn’t easy, especially when you are struggling with persistent symptoms. I start out feeling fatigued when I arrive at an appointment; I feel extra tired after I’ve waited for a period of two years. I’ve sometimes wondered if it is truly in my best interest to try to look my best when I show up for a medical appointment. Will I be taken seriously, if I spend the time to dress nicely, and to carefully apply make-up? Although we may spend an extended period of time waiting for a physician, we actually spend very time face-to-face with our providers. Do I want to risk having my relatively hidden symptoms minimized, since I look healthier than I actually am? Regardless, I wish to look my very best, whenever possible.

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