Count Your Blessings

Tonight, you might simply feel too exhausted to simply keep placing one foot in front of the other. You might be thinking of all the disappointments you faced today, or the irritations and unavoidable delays that you faced.

Stop. This very minute, someone, somewhere is struggling to take their very next breath. They might be taking their very last breath. Someone else is reeling from unexpected news that they received from their doctor earlier today, knowing that there days are most likely very numbered.

One day, you’ll sadly realize that right now, this very minute, you had so very much for which to be grateful. You simply chose, however, to highlight what you thought was missing in your life.

You focused on all that you had lost, rather than what was still left. That, my friends, is the proverbial silver lining that accompanies becoming seriously ill. You stop to appreciate all of your remaining blessings.

You know that life is fleeting for all of us, whether or not we are blessed with good health. Despite all that I have lost since becoming ill, I would not trade the version of myself that I have become as a result.

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