Unsolicited Advice

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the topic of unsolicited advice for those who deal with chronic illness. Over the course of many years of coping with chronic illness, I’ve certainly had my fair share of unsolicited advice. I do believe that the majority of time, people have very good intentions when they offer their opinions about how best to deal with chronic illness. They do not want to see their friends and family members continue to struggle, unnecessarily, with ongoing symptoms. Nevertheless, I’ll freely admit that I have been more than a little insulted by some of the advice that I have received over the years. Please do not suggest that my chronic conditions would be completely eradicated if I were to change my diet, becoming vegetarian or gluten-free. Although my general health is likely to benefit from such interventions, I’m not naive enough to believe that all of my symptoms (several decades in duration) will magically be erased. Taking high doses of the mega vitamins, (that you just happen to be selling), will also not eliminate my persistent symptoms. Sharing that cancer only exists in acidic states also doesn’t change my medical situation! I’ve received high doses of chemotherapy, over the course of many years. However, I have never been diagnosed with any form of cancer. Think about it: if only the solution were that simple, I most likely would have stumbled across it at this point! I’m a bright, well-educated woman, with a doctoral degree in the healthcare field. Please be aware of the consequences when you offer what you believe to be “the cure” to those who are facing chronic illness. It is not unreasonable to state that such unsolicited advice frequently blames the victims for their persistent suffering. It’s unbelievably challenging to deal with the multiple challenges of chronic illness. No one needs the additional burden of being made to feel personally responsible for their ongoing suffering, too.

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