Monday Morning

So, what do you do? A loaded question for a healthy-appearing woman, who happens to receive full social security disability benefits.

Being a patient is a full-time job, actually. This is especially true when you have been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, as I have. For example, here are some of my disease-related tasks today: have a dilated eye exam, to determine how MS has affected the health of my eyes.

I’ve had several episodes of optic neuritis, resulting in temporary blindness, exclusively in my right eye. I’ve also had multiple episodes of treatment-resistant giant papillary conjunctivitis, so my opthlamologist needs to check on the current status of this condition, too. My neurological field test will also need to be rescheduled.

Later, I need to phone Rx Outreach Pharmacy, to supply them with the correct code for re-ordering my Provigil medication; this is usually at least a 1-2 hour phone call, due to being placed on hold, and needing to re-iterate the correct code for re-ordering a controlled substance medication. (Medicare won’t cover Provigil, which I’ve needed to take twice per day, for the past 15 years. Consequently, I need to order this prescription through a mail-order pharmacy).

Later, I’ll swing by my pharmacy, to pick up my MS injectable medication, Copaxone. Then, I’ll need to do my medi-set for the week, setting up my 15 daily medications. I need to re-schedule an appointment with my speech therapist, to address a recent flare-up in my symptoms secondary to paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction.

I need to reschedule another adjustment with my chiropractor, having sustained injuries when I fell twice, this past June. Perhaps I’ve left something out…

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